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It all began back in 1999 when Wendy was inspired by her two twins Caitlynn & Cody, full of mischief, and always by her side. She wondered how she could enjoy
her kids without sacrificing her love for candles and her sassy style of home decor.
The idea came to her to create a hurricane style candle, which had "a candle inside a candle" concept. What started out by simply making candles for her, family and friends soon turned into a full-time business. She started out in a small 8X10 space in her husband's shop.

Wendy's close connection with her family and friends is what makes Sassy Primitives so successful. Wendy also takes her customer relationships to heart. Giving each customer the time and attention to make sure they are getting more than just candles, but also a friendship. Sassy Primitives believes quality is very important as well as providing superior customer service with a smile. Candle artisan Wendy Patchett handcrafts the entire Sassy Primitives Candle Collection. Made with only the finest waxes and oils; our exclusive series of handcrafted candles will bring a warm light, captivating scent, and an inviting atmosphere for any home.

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3202 Lakeside Ct. Unit 2, McHenry, IL

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